100 Objects Project – Test Tubes

I was immediately drawn to the plastic test tubes, because they were different from anything that I have ever worked with. They seemed very rigid and manmade, and I wanted to turn 100 of them together into an organic sculpture. I believe that I was able to accomplish this during the 100 objects project. I began by drilling holes in each one of the test tubes, because I knew that I wanted them to hang together. I decided to string them together with copper wire, which would allow me to give my sculpture a shape. Unfortunately, the copper wire was still not strong enough to give my sculpture any 3D shape. I was lost at this point in making my sculpture and was not sure where I wanted to go with it. I decided to hot glue the test tubes together to give them a stronger foundation and some volume. Often, the hot glue was too hot and actually burned the copper wire and broke the connection between test tubes. Even though I faced many challenges like these, I think that I was still able to achieve my original of making an organic, flowing sculpture out of an inorganic material. If I were to do this project again, I would use a stronger material initially to connect the test tubes, even though I like the way the copper wire looks. I learned a lot during this project about how to improvise and that it is ok to change an original plan. In the end, I am very happy about the volume and flow that my sculpture has and the many shadows it makes.

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