100 Project

For this project, I chose to make a sculpture out of matchsticks. I believed they would be relatively simple to work with, so I would be able to experiment and do a lot with them. I also decided to use two different sizes of the same type of matches, so although they are the same object, there would be slight variation in scale. I hoped this would make a very repatitive peace a little more interesting.  I went into this project unsure of what my final product would be, which I feel served as an advantage to me. I was able to play around with the matches and hot glue and see what worked and what did not work. I ended up making  cubes, constructed of 12 total matches with hot glue. I intertwined the cubes, and built them off of each other. The end result had a lot to do with balance, and I would love to continue to build off of it.


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