For my multiples project, I created a geodesic sphere out of 120 sticks of mechanical pencil lead. At each vertex of the dome, the sticks were held together with hot glue. The lead broke easily and the hot glue did not stick to the lead very well, so construction was difficult and several parts had to be redone. I took time for me to figure out the best strategy for gluing, and many of the vertices turned out sloppy with large clumps of glue. However, by the end of the project I had developed a method of gluing that was consistent and precise and using this method it might by possible to make an even larger sphere with much cleaner vertices.

The goal of this piece is to convey a sense of complete vulnerability to the viewer. The sculpture is fragile and unprotected, at the mercy of its environment. While creating it, I gained a new appreciation for artist who work with fragile materials. You have to accept that your work is not permanent and might be broken by accident.

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