100 Project

Through this project I was able to learn how to combine many objects in both usual and unusual ways to make a sculpture. I used 100 clothespins in my project, opening them up, hot gluing the clothespins in their open positions, and then gluing all the clothes pins to each other, in the end making 5 small structures (wheel-like) that I would combine to make one hanging sculpture. I was able to finally for the first time in my life work with clothes pins, I learned how fun they were to use with sculptures. As a lesson for life in general, i’ve learned that sculptures can be made out of the most unlikely objects and you can practically make a sculpture out of anything. Ms. Kerrigan brought up how clothes pins are usually seen as objects only Women come in contact with which really got the wheels in my head turning. It made me think of what I had learned at SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Conference) about gender norms which I think the objects of my project connect really well to. I think when I first finished my project I had been successful in exciting and ending up with what I had in mind. The end result was beautiful and was exactly what I wanted. If I could work on it more I’d work towards hiding the string that bound all 5 clothes-pins wheel together and also maybe even coloring the wheels. If I had more time I would work on a different method to ensuring that the wheel stay nice and horizontal when being hanged, some of the wheels were slightly tilted which didn’t really take anything away from the project but to have the wheels perfectly horizontal would have been nice. I think that the next time I work on projects similar to this one I will pay more attention to what the shapes of my objects (in this case, the wheels) have to do with how they tilt when hung. I would also work on the power of color in a hanging sculpture and also what arrangement of shapes are most visually pleasing to the eye, a straight vertical line I know might be boring for some people. Overall I had a lot of fun with this project, It’s probably my second favorite project of this course, after the wire project. This project brought me a lot of peace when I originally finished and I would love to work on something like this again some day.

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