Shattering Temptation 

As a child, I would hear my cousins happily singing: “Dale, dale, dale, No pierdas el tino, porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino,” as we swung to hit the moving object in the air. I didn’t understand which camino, or path, I would be loosing if I lost my aim while hitting a piñata. Creating this stopped piñata in motion helped me understand a little more about my culture, and how losing my path and resisting temptation actually referenced the strength of my faith. Throughout this project, I learned how to bring awareness to an audience about a popular Mexican custom by patching a blown up balloon with paper-mâché made up of vibrant colored Loteria cards, and successfully illustrating a message of resisting temptation. Piñatas are mainly used for religious and birthday celebrations, and the Loteria cards are a popular game played. I purposely chose these cards to cover the balloon because it’s colors show how temptation is irresistibly colorful. Then attaching paper-mâchéd cones to the dried base and adding streamers to the tips of the cones, I conveyed a message of desiring livelihood. The candy hanging from the broken piñata, wrapped in the black and white cards, were added to show that the things you yearn for are not always good for you, hence the things that the piñata of temptation represents is not good. I  successfully portrayed the moment in time with the candies because it reflected the moment which my  perspective about myself and my childhood changed. I, along with many others, have learned new insight about the tradition and meaning of breaking a piñata. I also learned a bit about the craftsmanship it takes to build one; at first I used flour and water as a base, but the paper didn’t stick right to the balloon and the vibrant images were covered with an opaque layer from the flour, so I needed to start over in order to keep the message of brightness versus darkness and battling the deceiving colors. My favorite part about this project is how concise and detailed I was, along with working with the color scheme. The inside of the piñata is dark and black and white, showing that what you want is very deceiving. When looking back at childhood memories, I remember the flashy streamer colors, but now I know that it represents evil, and swinging at the piñata is me battling away the darkness and continuing to have faith, just as  I continued to have faith the with my project, always believing in myself and hoping for a good outcome. #piñata #party #temptation #evil #100project #Loteria cards

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