What’s Freedom Worth

     For this sculpture, I chose to use army men and enamel paint to construct a red cross. I painted a few army men red, and I painted the rest white, using enamel paint. I decided to use hot glue to attach the red army men together in the shape of a cross and then use the white army men to fill in the negative space. This idea of a three-dimensional object seemed to work, but constructing a three-dimensional object was harder than I previously thought. The spaces between the red army men cross were too difficult to fill with white army men, and the sculpture lacked definition and shape. When that did not work, I chose to use plaster to coat the army men. Plaster held a particular shape, and it was white, which fitted my color scheme. The only problem was plaster did not mold well with hot glue, and it was incredibly fragile. Therefore, I could no longer make the three-dimensional work of art I originally intended to create. Instead, I would have to mount the army men on a platform. After looking through boxes full of platforms, I chose to place my sculpture on a “Politics U.S.A.” record cover. This cover in particular conveyed my message and it was sturdy enough to support the weight of the plaster. After coating the army men in plaster, I chose to place them in a square, hoping the plaster between the army men would mold them together. Luckily, the plaster held, and the army men bonded into a white square. I created four of these white squares, all with the same perimeter and area. Once the four plaster molds were created, they were hot glued to the record case, leaving an aisle in between each square for the red army men. Once the white squares were solidly attached, I then placed strips of hot glue in between the squares, placing down red army men to fulfill the negative space. This strategy ended up working well, and the sculpture resembled a red cross.
     My message for this project was to talk about veterans health care, clearly conveyed through the use of army men and a red cross. The army men symbolized the veterans and those who have served our military, while the Red Cross, originally an Army symbol, represented healthcare and medicine. While a Red Cross can symbolize multiple different messages, this sculpture specifically addressed veterans and soldiers, evident by the use of Army Men and not another medium. Veterans do not receive the treatment that they deserve and often go homeless when returning from war. When the government establishes government run and subsidized health care, such as ObamaCare and the Veterans Health Care plan, they fail their citizens. For example, multiple Veterans died because of a lack of care and expensive premiums. To think that people are dying because the care they were promised is too expensive for them is ludicrous. Veterans chose time and time again to wait out their illness and risk their health instead of paying a ridiculous premium demanded by our government, which Veterans serve and guarantee their freedom.
This sculpture portrays my utter and complete disgust of the treatment of Veterans nationally and by our government. This sculpture speaks upon the disrespect Veterans receive and despite their service, are not rewarded for their good deeds and the freedoms they have ensured.

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