Collecting Shells

I made my soap sculpture a shell. When my sister and I were younger we would always go to Florida to visit our grandparents. Whenever we were on the beach we would collect shells and at the end of the day we would pick our favorite and take it around with us. One shell really made an impression on us and we took it home and walked around with it for a week until we lost it. Shells always remind me of family and being with my sister. Family is so important because they are always there for you through thick and thin. Just like shells stay together in the rough ocean, families stay together through rough times. I always try to appreciate my family and how lucky I am to have them, because currently Syrian refugees are being separated from their families. 

The soap sculpture took a lot of time because it was a very slow process. I had to start over because the soap would break and fall off and there was no way to put it back on. I used a lot of different tools because I wanted to try them all out to see which one was the most useful. I liked the Exacto knife the most because it was easy to cut with and very thin, making it easier to get into smaller spaces with the tool. The plastering was interesting because I had to put my hand into a mold to get the shape of my hand, and then poured the plaster into the mold. During this project, I learned that detail is super important to the overall picture. When making my soap sculpture I noticed a large difference when making the scallops and adding detail. The most challenging thing about the project was how difficult it was to not rush. It was important to go super slow when carving because then you could break the sculpture. If I could start over, I would make the shell more rounded so it looked more realistic because I started doing the detail on the soap sculpture before I finished shaping the shell. Besides the actual shape, I thought that my detail was done very well. For the next project, I should plan out what I am going to do before actually doing that. If I had done that with this project, I wouldn’t have added detail before shaping.

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