Soap Sculpture Assignment, Michael Mendelson

Soap Sculpture Artist Statement

Sculpture: A

Michael Mendelson


I chose to carve a feather because geese are being farmed for their feathers and it is very inhumane. Their feathers are being plucked off their bodies while they are alive and held by the neck by their captor. The farmer will pluck the same goose around 6 times before the goose is finally put out of its misery. I created an image that portrays the mistreatment of the geese that are part of the down feathers industry. Geese are in awful small living conditions and they are torn apart only to be left with gaping flesh wounds. The goal of my sculpture is to spread awareness about this issue and to hope that it will be solved in a humane way. Lots of products are made with down feathers according to PETA, for example: pillows, duvets, and quilts, mattress covers, sofas, winter coats, jackets, sleeping bags, vests, down feather dusters, gloves.


I started this project by thinking about what I wanted to make and how I should portray the meaning to my assignment. I decide to make two stray feathers to represent the down feathers that are pulled off of geese. I started the idea of what I want the art piece to look like by drawing a couple of sketches. I wanted to use most of the space on the bar of soap. After I made a couple of different types of designs on paper I decided pick the design that I liked the most. I started to carve the shape of the feather. A real challenge was getting the soap very thin without the soap snapping. I had to be very precise and make sure my carves were not too deep because I needed to make carves on both side of the soap. I made lines that would curve like a real feather so it would look more realistic. I used different tools to create the details for the different types of lines on my soap feathers. One tool was called a scraper where I used it to smoothen surfaces and take off excess soap. I used an X-ACTO knife for making clean, straight lines in the soap. I used a scalpel to efficiently cut large chunks off of a bar of soap.


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