For my soap sculpture, I chose to carve my soap into a life jacket. At first, I wanted to do something relating to children and the struggles children in general face. Instead, I looked at the specific, yet global issue of displaced children, and the Syrian Refugee Crisis in particular. All throughout Syria, the cities are war stricken, and require for the populace to be evacuated to safety. Men, women, and children of all backgrounds have been forced to leave their homes and hope a country will take them in. When given a destination, they are placed in large groups on small boats with just a life-jacket to protect them. Once they hit land, they pile the hundreds of jackets nearby.refugees_lesbos_bronstein62-1.jpgI used reference photos and drew out the different perspectives of the soap, then began carving. After defining the shape and softening the edges, I carved in sleeves and the center gap where the front opens/zips. However, I carved the buckles inwards, and realized that they should be risen on top. So I went back and thinned it out enough so the straps we’re raised.IMG_0558.JPG.jpeg Lastly, I made the fabric of it look crinkled, just as a used life jacket had when it was wet and scrunched up. For my hands, I wanted to try a unique position that could both fully display the soap and also have meaning.
By using the two hands to hold the life jacket out to those who look at it, it looks like it is being offered to them. I imagined it as hands reaching out to help someone. IMG_0544.JPG.jpegOverall, the life casting process was successful, but the plaster ended up being IMG_0564.JPG.jpegbubbled all around the outside, but there were no break in the hands. This was the first time I have ever done an artistic project with soap. I am very happy with how they project turned out, and in the future I think I should plan more carefully, especially with the shaping of the soap.

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