Peace at last, Jack Krulewitch


I made a bomb to encourage nuclear disarmament. Nuclear weapons play a very large part in global relations. They have been the cause of many disputes between nations and between individuals. At first they were seen as a way to protect our country from unknown threats, however this is no longer the case. Now a days they are seen as a symbol of power and dominance over those who do not posses any. If they were all destroyed we could move closer to having an even playing field and hopefully peace. This project becomes more relevant when the state of our country is brought into the conversation. Many citizens believe that our new president might not be able to continue diplomatic relations with other countries. Without diplomacy many are worried that our country will turn to war. By disarming we could encourage peace instead of war in the upcoming years. The only problem with disarming is that if one country does not disarm, the other countries are in danger. Therefore this plan is not quite ready to be put into action yet, but hopefully after sometime, we can make this world a more peaceful place. I worked pretty quickly at first getting rid of the majority of excess soap that was unnecessary for the shape that I wanted to create.I  learned a lot about the actual carving process and the difficulties that come with working with a material as a soft as soap. I was able to paint it after some difficulty and the hand was hard to implement as well. My perspective about sculpting as a whole has changed because of this project. I was not prepared for the complications that came with working with tools that had very specific uses and I also had trouble with the size of the project. It was on a small scale and it was hard to get detail. To counteract these difficulties I worked very meticulously in order to avoid making mistakes in my sculpture. I had to adjust my method of thinking while working on the tail of the bomb as well as the way it interacts with the hand. I had a plan at the beginning on how I would setup the hand and the bomb together. However this turned out to be overly complicated and was hard to achieve because of the casting process. I had to adjust my plan so that I could use what I had. If I were to do it again I would make sure that my plan was feasible ahead of time to save myself time and energy toward the end of the project.



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