Casting with the Chinese Exchange Students

              Today, at the start of the period, we found out that we were lucky enough to have Ben and Maggie, Chinese exchange students, visit our class. After finishing our soap carving project with a critique, we helped Ben and Maggie cast their own hands. However, this time around it was more difficult because we were casting without Ms. Kerrigan’s help.

              We began this task by filling a bucket halfway full with water. From there, we added about four cups of alginate to the water. Then, we stirred this mixture until the consistency was mildly thick. This part was definitely the most difficult. Our team was not prepared for how soon we needed to mix the solution after creating it. Before we knew it, the solution started to dry, and we had not prepared the drill for mixing. Luckily, everything worked out alright, we just had to stir the mixture for a bit longer than normal. Eventually, the mixture was ready for Maggie and Ben to create a mold. Our team explained to them the rules they had to follow to produce successful results.

             Although it was challenging at times to prepare the alginate, it was exciting to see others reactions to experiencing this process for the first time.

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