Crave, Flerlage


As I created my piece, I accomplished artwork that allowed me to be creative and work hard to create something appealing to the viewer. We began by experimenting with soap, carving and shaping it, then we moved into casting our hands.  During the brainstorming process, I wanted to create something with a meaningful message. When I chose a cigarette, I wanted it to represent the global issue of pollution caused by smoking. The smoke in our lives has become a less important issue, but is hurting the world around us.  When choosing this, I realized how important the issue is and how it impacts the world and the environment around us, especially when reading that 15 percent of adults smoke on a regular basis. An astonishing fact explains,” For every one person who dies from smoking, about 30 more suffer from at least one serious tobacco-related illness” ( Many people become trapped and need the sensation of tobacco or nicotine in their blood, which explains why pollution is mainly a human caused issue.  I hope that throughout my work, the viewers are able to see the importance of smoking around the world.  Through this project, I learned to become more patient and controlled with my artwork and learned a lot about the issues of smoking in our world.


We began the process by thinking through our pieces. As I brainstormed, I thought of issues that were important to me.  Issues like pollution and global warming stood out to me and I began to think of symbols. My top two choices were the cigarette and a small pot with a flower.  I chose the cigarette because it represented the meaning that I wanted to portray. I began to sketch the cigarette carefully sizing it and shaping it. When done, I began to carve the soap which took several tries for me to get the perfect cylinder. The perfect shape was created and I was ready to cast my sculpture. The casting process was tough for the way I wanted to hold my hand, but after two tries I was able to create a piece that fit together.

My Inspiration


Side View.jpgImage-1-6.jpgImage-1-7.jpgImage-1-5.jpg

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