Emoji: a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication- Lily Block

During this project, I created a sculpture to represent how people in this day and age, specifically my generation, hide behind technology. Instead of saying you we truly feel, we send emojis (faces that represent emotion).

My first step was to think of an idea that represents and comments on technology. My first idea was to carve a cell phone, however, the soap was too small. I then decided to carve an emoji. I wanted to put two opposite, popular emojis on either side of the soap. I first chose the heat eyes and crying face emoji. However, I had difficulty carving the crying face because of the complexity of the emoji. So I scraped it off and carved an angry face. When I finished, in order to create the image of an emoji, I painted the faces with the colors that they are online.

The purpose of my sculpture is to spread awareness about over using technology. So I would like to be a role model and change the amount I hide behind technology. I will encourage others to make this change as well.

I believe I achieved my goal of depicting emojis. I was really patient throughout the process and I changed my project as need be. I was creative in making the project because I decided to paint the soap in order to make sure my audience is able to tell what the sculpture is. However, if I could, I would change my life casting. I’m not sure if I displays the message of hiding behind technology that I intended. In order to display my message, I could have put the emoji over my face.

Throughout this first project, I have learned a lot about sculpting. The main thing I have learned is to remain patient. With soap specifically, the sculpture is fragile. I had to be careful as to not scrape off an essential piece of the soap. Also, you have to remain optimistic and not be set in stone about a specific end goal. There were many times where I adjusted my design, and it turned out better than I had intended.

So far, a major challenge for me was remaining still in the life casting mold. This showed me that in this course, I am going to have to persevere through many obstacles, and I am excited to do so.

Overall, I am very proud of the piece I have made. It reflects a problem with technology, and specifically my generation, that I fall victim too everyday. By creating this sculpture, I am taking the first step to change.

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