Wasted Bullets, Stephanie Thams

When starting this project I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, at first I thought that sculpting a heroin need and casting an arm would be a good idea, but I soon realized that that would be too difficult. Then I came up with the idea of sculpting a bullet and having it going though a hand, to symbolize violence. Since violence is such a prominent subject in today’s society, I thought it would be best to talk about something controversial and something I care deeply about. In Chicago, the city has documented more than 750 homicides in 2016, more than any other major U.S. city. From 2015 this increased by 46 percent. 93 percent of the people who were killed in Chicago in 2016 were shot to death. In Chicago the homicide rate has reached an all-time high since 1996, in this case, this is becoming a bigger problem than people seem to believe. This is an urgent issue that only continues to rise in urgency. If nothing is done to stop this issue more innocent lives are going to be lost. I created this piece to bring awareness to this topic. When I started sculpting soap, I believed it would be an easy task, but I was wrong. At first, I focused on the little details and worried about getting the soap to look exactly how I wanted it. But then I learned that it was important to get the basic shape down, in my case a cylinder. Then from there to get proportions right, and then detail. After finishing soap sculpting we started plastering, I had plastered twice because my first alginate mold was last minute and the plaster sculpture turned out to be brittle, underdeveloped and lacked detail. My second try at the mold was much more successful than the first but not perfect. When removing the remaining alginate from the plaster hand, every finger was broken. But thankfully I was able to glue them together. I realized I struggled greatly with really understanding to start big then work small. In the past, I’ve worked with different art forms, such as painting and drawing, and would always start small. But from this project, I’ve learned it’s important to get the main idea first




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