Ice Skating, Kate Beck

            When making this sculpture I was able to experiment with different tools and different wires. To make the skating dress I started by making a circle out of the wire. Then, I attached about 40 wires to the circle, to form the skirt. Next, I weaved a long wire through the wires that were connected to the circle to finish the skirt. The top was a lot easier to make than the skirt. My idea for the top was to make it simple, while I made the skirt complex. This project really opened my eyes to overcrowding things and simplicity. I think if I added more to the top it would draw attention away from the skirt. The hardest part of this project was figuring out how I was going to make the dress, and experimenting with different techniques. I chose to make the dress small to represent my age when I skated. I almost gave up the skirt because it started becoming too confusing and complicated, but I am happy I kept going because it turned out well. In this project, I learned to have persistence. I learned that I can’t just give up or procrastinate on a project if it gets too difficult. My goal for the next project is to try my hardest every class because, during this project, I found myself starting over or not wanting to keep going because it was too difficult. I chose to make my practice dress. I would wear this when I went to practice with my team. It reminds me of all the hard work I put into skating. I always cherish the memories I made with that team.  

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