Engaged, Jack Krulewitch

I decided to make the ring that my Grandfather used to propose to my grandmother which is also the ring my father used to propose to my mother. It is really special to my dad because his mother died when he was pretty young. I’ve always thought that it was really beautiful but I didn’t understand it’s importance until later on in my life. I wanted to recreate it on a larger scale and make it very detailed so that I could capture all it’s qualities.

I started by trying to make the loop structure so that it would look like a ring and also so that I could mount the main part of it effectively. I had some difficulty trying to combine different types of wire to create the structure that was both supportive and the right shape. Eventually I settled for a pre-made twisted wire that was the right thickness and had multiple points to attach the top piece. I made the setting by tracing an illustration that I did based on a picture of the ring. It took a lot of work to get the thicker wire to curve the way I wanted it to. The sides were the hardest part because I wanted a thinner wire that  could be worked easily but would still hold the shape after it was all connected. After I connected the three pieces that made of the main setting I attached it to the loop to finish the project.

Before this project I thought that working with wire would be pretty easy because of all of the tools that are available and because it seemed pretty malleable. After this project I now know that I was very wrong. It was very hard to work with because some of the wire was to hard to get into the correct shape whereas other wire was to soft and would change to easily. I also had trouble connecting the wires and would end up messing up the shape of the pieces. My perspective of working with wire changed from the beginning to the end. If I were to do this project again I would try not to underestimate the wire and work with a thinner wire for the setting area.  In the future I would like to continue working with metal but I would most likely explore different ways of metal working.

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