Grandpa’s Watch, Flerlage




The pocket watch I created resembled my grandfathers piece, from when I was younger. As my brother and I grew older, I noticed that it was something he always carried and something that was special to him, but I was still unsure of why. After he passed, I later learned that this was his father’s piece that was special for him as well. This is one of the few pieces I remember and was a true label of his character. As I began to work with the wire,  I had a vision of what I wanted to create, and I feel as though I succeeded with my work. I started off with thin bendable wire which didn’t work well to create the structure. Then as I used a little bit thicker wire it was easier to make my base and go from there, and then go back in with thinner wire for the details. I made the piece 3D by wrapping wire around wire to create an almost 3D type circle. I made the pocket watch a little bit bigger than it was just to show the detail and intricacy of the object itself. I felt like it was important to show the smaller details of the watch. I felt that recreating a piece this meaningful was challenging for me, because I had to strive for perfection and make the piece as intricate as I could. Though the piece does not represent my grandfathers piece exactly, and it can be done better next time, it still serves as a daily reminder to remember him. If the project was to be redone. I know to take more time on the crafting of the inside plate, and the chain. I realized that the little details matter in this type of project and that the smaller things could throw the entire project off. Though this project challenged me more than the other, it was very enjoyable for me.

We began in class by testing the different wires, and I discovered that some wires were more difficult to use than others. I started off by using thick shiny aluminum wire and wrapping it with darker rustier looking wire, to give the illusion that it was older and more worn out. Next I created  my handle and chain by using the same darker wire and  playing with different techniques for the best look possible. Lastly I wrapped up my piece by making the inside plate using a sheet instead of wire and engraving it. By making different parts for the clock, I utilized different techniques that I plan on using in the future.

My overall hopes for this piece is to have it represent the meaning that it has for me. I feel like the wire was a really interesting material to play and explore with and I feel Ive benefitted from this project.

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