Hannah Korach, Four Eyes


For my wire project, I chose to replicate my grandfather’s reading glasses. I wanted to do a creative object that was also sentimental to my family and me. My grandpa constantly wears them and,although they are very old, never changes the style of them. Today, a similar look of glasses is coming back in style which also inspired me. I wanted to do a 1:1 scale for the glasses, so they could be life-sized and wearable. I started out with a thinner, darker wire for the frames, but had trouble making the shapes stay, so instead chose a thicker, lighter colored wire that was more sturdy. It was hard to keep the frames and the shapes still, so instead I did each separately. Afterwards, I connected them with another wire going around the top of the frames. I used a different sized and darker wire for the details so they would vary the look of each piece. Finally, I wrapped the ends of the glasses with the different wire and I bent the ends of the wires. The frames of the glasses are shaped a little differently from the originals, but I am happy with how they turned out. If I would do something differently for when I next work with wire, I would spend more time on attaching eat piece once they were fully ready, since once they are connected, it’s hard to alter the frames or smaller parts without affecting the forms of the others. To take the project to the next level, I would use other materials to add to it, like lenses. 

One thought on “Hannah Korach, Four Eyes

  1. This is really beautiful and the use of different kinds of wires is really well done. I love the idea and the final product is very impressive. Good job.


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