Arrow, Zander Patent

In this project I created an arrowhead. In order to make the arrowhead look like a solid object I had to make a wire shell and then wrap around wire many times until the arrowhead looked solid. I decided to make an arrowhead because my mom was an archaeologist and she discovered many artifacts like an arrowhead. I also used to live in Las Vegas, and it was quite easy to find arrowheads there. This made me think of my childhood and where I used to live. I think I did a good job of making the arrowhead solid, however I wish that I could have used less wire in order to do so, the arrowhead was quite heavy.






One thought on “Arrow, Zander Patent

  1. The sound effects for your video were really strong. They really added a lot to the overall story and feeling of the video. And the loop at the end was really cool.


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