Enlightened, NICK DUARTE

In this project, I produced a lightbulb based on the idea of enlightenment similar to that of a cartoon character’s portrayal upon having an idea. I often idea and then more ideas so a light bulb under this context was only natural for this wire project. I decided to downsize the lightbulb to represent the fragility of an idea and how easily it may get crushed. This is juxtaposed in my stop motion video as improvised ideas are shown flourishing from different people. The diversity of ideas in the cast represents the importance of having distinct ideas and the beauty in that. A challenge in my process that I faced was the low visibility of my actual sculpture in my stop motion, however, it at the same time is a strength as it also shows that larger things happen following an idea and the idea itself is just the start. Next time I would get an even larger cast and perhaps change my background to a more meaningful background or even multiple backgrounds.

9 thoughts on “Enlightened, NICK DUARTE

  1. This is fantastic. Your sculpture is beautiful and very well done I see it really clearly what you were going for. I also love the idea of the video although without knowing what you were going for it might have been a little harder to understand because you can’t see everything super well because of the backlighting.


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