Wire Sculpture – Maria G-V

I picked this shirt because I stole it from my best friend and knowing that I am wearing something of hers makes me feel safe. There are very few people who I am close to because I am slow to trust, but I trust her more than anyone else I know. We have known each other since preschool and have been best friends since fifth grade. This shirt means she is here with me even when she is not actually with me. Sydney and her family have supported me through a lot of really hard times in my life. I took the shirt after a time when she came over to my house secretly when my parents were out and I fell down the stairs while holding a glass and cut my hand. I accidentally touched her with my bloody hand when getting up and got blood on her new Miley Cyrus shirt from the Bangerz Tour. So I washed it for her. She forgot about it the next morning and I just never gave it back.

I made the shirt out of a fairly thin gauge silver wire, with a slightly higher gauge wire for the base to make it stronger. The shirt is fairly loose-fitting after wearing it for so long so it hangs around me it’s kind of baggy. To show that I made the base wider than the rest of it, especially since I pull on the bottom of it pretty frequently. The arms are a little different because the right one was apart of the original build, whereas the left one was attached separately. This ended up changing how I wrapped them which is why they look slightly different.



5 thoughts on “Wire Sculpture – Maria G-V

  1. I like the connection between the stop motion storyline and the sculpture itself. The song really emphasizes the meaning of it all, and the documentation is very well done.


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