Formality, Charles Bryant


In this project, I was trying build a tie, given to me by my father, that resembled my introduction into my social life in ballroom dancing. At first, my sculpture was too large and I had to completely scrap it but I did not change my process. I wanted to make a tied tie and I made the two hanging pieces independent of the collar, with a connection at the knot of the tie. I used pliers to bend the metal with the diamond tips at the ends of a tie. In order to get the wire straight in the first place, I put it into a screwdriver and spun it until it became basically straight. I wrapped wire around itself to make the knot and then did wider wraps to be the collar. In order to give a design to the tie, I wrapped skinny wire around the sculpture. In the end, I wish I had taken more time and detail with one idea because in this project I had remodeled multiple times which led my final piece to be not what it could be.

This tie is supposed to be a symbol for me taking a step up in society. In seventh grade, I joined a class that taught ballroom dancing with some friends from my school. In that class, we learned how to be gentlemen as well as dance. In this class I had to ask girls to dance that I had not known, and from this relationships with people from different schools sparked. My tie was given to me from my dad who helped me get set up because I had never had to work with suits and tie this much before. I took a leap in society and in class as the tie was very nice and I got lots of compliments on it. This piece helps to resemble the confidence given to me in a time of new beginnings and with that comes confusion and nerves but with the support of my father I got through it and am the better for the experience.

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