Crayon Sculpture: 100 Item Project

For my hundred item project, I made three towers out of crayons. One large tower and two smaller towers. I used about 350 crayons. During this assignment, I learned that even though I am only using one material, the possibilities are endless. I had the chance to experiment with the material, I used two different types of glue and a lot of tapes. To complete the sculpture I used masking tape to form a circle out of crayons, then I used a lot of Yes! glue to hold the crayons in place. Then I added crayons inside the circle to add support and to make sure that the structure was stable. Next, I would build another crayon circle but slightly smaller and glue it on top of the larger circle. I would continue that process until it got to the height I wanted. Originally I thought that building this sculpture would be very easy. I thought that I would use a hot glue gun and perfectly glue all the pieces together. I also thought that the wrappers on the crayons would come off very easily. I was wrong, the process of taking off the wrappers and building the sculpture was very difficult. The hot glue did not work because it would melt the crayon and it would fall off. Using masking tape to tape the crayons it to a circle was also very difficult, the crayons would never go into a perfect circle and they would never stay up straight. However, with a lot of persistence, I was able to glue the crayons into a circle. I thought that during this process I did a really good job of making sure the crayons stayed in a perfect circle, and I also did a good job of making sure that the crayons did not break. If I had to make this again, I would try to make the sculpture look less messy. I wouldn’t want the glue to show. I would also want to make sure the cuts in the crayons (from taking off the wrappers) don’t show. I think for the next project I want to try out different methods for making something. When making this sculpture I stuck to one method. To achieve that goal for the next project before starting the final product, I should try out different methods, and find the best one.

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