See shells, by Zander Patent

For my multiples project I decided to make a sculpture out of seashells. I tried to make this sculpture as symmetrical and consistent as possible, however it was challenging because the seashells were all different sizes and shapes. I used a hot glue gun to connect the seashells together, the only supplies I used was hot glue and sea shells. Originally my idea for this sculpture was to make a spiral structure, however I changed my mind as I worked. Most of this design was not planned and I improvised as I went. I chose seashells because of their interesting shape and because I care about marine life and I thought this was a good way of expressing my care for marine life. Marine life currently, is being threatened by climate change and overfishing and poachers. Trash is filling up the ocean and the media needs to do a better job of highlighting this issue.  Overall I enjoyed creating this sculpture.unnamed-5.jpgunnamed-6.jpg

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