Colors in the Sky – Maria G-V

For this project I really wanted to work with light and transparency. I wanted to mess around with how things reacted with light and I also really wanted to work with glass. Originally I thought the light source would probably be a man-made artificial light so that I could control the intensity, but I have come to like the natural light source more as it feels more honest and strikes the plastic sheeting in a way that brings out the opaqueness of the material and looks really cool. In the beginning I also really wanted to work with colors, and a variety of colors, to see how they would mesh with the plastic sheeting and with the light. As I tried different materials and ideas I was introduced to the plastic sheeting which opened up a lot of freedom for the form which I found to be much more important than the original lighting idea. This also opened up my eyes to the natural lighting idea and hanging it from the ceiling. The shape also serves to create a contrast between the differences in the colors used. The way it curves in on itself helps to bring the colors together while clearly separating them and providing a space in which the different interactions between the colors and the light meet and merge.





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