Roman, Jack Krulewitch

For the one hundred project I made a helmet out of washers. Before the project started I was having trouble deciding which material I would use and didn’t have any inspiration for what I would make. At first I wanted to fold paper but decided against it because of the complexity of most origami pieces. After going to a couple of stores and settling on washers I wanted to create something that was interactive so I began making a helmet. It was a struggle at first because I didn’t have a shape to work around and so I was just putting the washers together in a sort of strip. I also started with wire that was very thick and wasn’t very malleable. Eventually I switched to a thinner wire and used a mannequin to shape the helmet.  I originally planned to have someone wear it, but the wire that I used to connect the washers was to sharp and the mannequin that I used to shape the helmet had a very small head. Because of these things I decided against allowing anyone to wear it. If I were to have the opportunity to do the project again I would have planned in advance so that it could be worn. I really enjoyed the project overall and I think it was a great way to help us be creative.

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