The Beans, Flerlage

The Beans, Bella Flerlage


I began to think about materials for this project around a week before starting and came up with the idea of making a human heart out of one hundred objects, but as class went on and we experimented I liked the way that coffee beans worked with my object. I selected a brain because it is a vital part of the body and has always intrigued me. I began taking the coffee beans and hot gluing them in different ways. The strategy that ended up working for me was gluing in rows which then I could attach together.  I struggled with gluing them perfectly together without extra glue leaking or burning myself. But as time went on, I got work done efficiently. After my rows were complete I was able to go back and add to it. Through all of the complications and obstacles, I was able to accomplish a piece that I never would have expected myself to complete. Though I had to restart a few times, I learned to problem solve and be efficient with my work. This type of artwork with multiples is definitely something I am going to try again because I really like experimenting with different objects.


Artist statement:

As I created my coffee brain, I completed a piece that allowed me to be creative and use different problem solving skills. Our task was to complete a piece with multiples, which was different from the work we have done in the past. When selecting, I felt that coffee beans was something that would be just the right amount of a challenge for me. Also, coffee is something that many people rely on, on a daily basis and it is a stimulator for the brain and can be highly addictive. Caffeine can be highly addictive, yet it is still widely used throughout the world. I think it was an interesting object to select, and was never something I would have thought that would be able to  turn into an object. As a result of my coffee brain, I want to be able to get creative with everyday objects and experiment with more multiples projects. Through this project, I learned how different objects work well with one another and to keep trying until you end up with a piece that you like. After doing this assignment, I now feel that I am able to work through my struggles better and get creative with new materials.

*also as a bonus because I liked experimenting, I chose to create a brain made out of sprinkles as well.


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