Sweet Heart: Hannah Korach

My 100 project was using 100 red gummy candy. With twizzlers, sour patch kids, gummy bears, and other red candies wrapped and layered over one another, I replicated a human heart. I reached my first challenge when trying to stick twizzlers to one another and themselves. The texture of the twizzlers would not stick together using hot glue as I had hoped, so I found another base to glue the twizzlers to. I used a plastic cup as it somewhat resembled the overall shape of a human heart and wrapped a layer of twizzlers around it. IMG_2405.JPG.jpegWhile making this, I was also working on the aorta pump of the heart which I constructed from blackberry and raspberry candies. After finishing the cup and gluing on the aorta, I hit my second challenge of bringing a more realistic shape to it and rounding out the base form. I not only wanted to make it more realistic, but also match the natural form of the human heart, as it is not a symmetric straight-forward figure, but uneven and round. IMG_2410.JPG.jpegSo I began gluing on bigger and random red gummy candies, making sure to balance the thickness around each row and glued big, red candy fruit slices to the bottom to round out the shape. Before adding the veins that surround the heart, I had to add two more bigger arteries next to the aorta, but I wanted to create them out of twizzlers, so we took Yes! Glue and wire and held bunches of twizzlers together, and did the same to glue them to the main piece. IMG_2515.JPG.jpegAfter finding a solution to the twizzler problem, I added on blue and red wire all around and cut up over the heart to serve as the veins. Rather than using more candy, I used wire because it popped out more (color and texture wise) and it was easy to stick to the candy. And finally, I glued cherry cough drops to the tops of the arteries to add a 3D look to them. 

I am happy with the outcome of the project and how I worked around obstacles with materials and shaping. Throughout my projects, I want to improve on making objects seem more natural and realistic, rather than rigid and basically shaped. I don’t think I would do a different project, as I was excited to pursue this fun and quirky idea. The 100 project helped me to see the impact of art pieces that are of repetitive materials and shapes in order to create something bigger. And since most multiple projects containmore than 100 of an object, it would be interesting to work with hundreds+ of the same thing.


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