Cutting Through The Air- Charlie Bryant


This piece is a set of 7 foot wings that are made up of over 375 knives. Each knife is protruding from a knife above it, the base of the knife never being being except for at the beginning of the wing, mimicking the natural order in which feathers would be layered on an eagle, which was the specimen that I was trying to imitate. I had multiple experiments with other utensils and in the pattern of the knives yet I am satisfied with how I ended up. The knives are plastic but seem metallic and have a reflection to them. The knives were glued together with a hot glue gun that led to them not being very stable. I also made on of the pair at home without bringing the other home with no pictures, so one was made from memory and I got lucky to get seemingly symmetrical set.

I made this piece because of my interest in the beauty of nature and I had always seen flight as superior element of nature, a reason the wings are large enough to be a human wingspan, even though some bird wings can span 12 feet. Flight not only is a different form of transportation, but opens a window to new perspectives and destinations. The metallic element of the wings also provides a contrast with the heavy “metal” knives while wings are supposed to help animals defy gravity. I could never keep a completely solid pattern, but I realized how that symbolized the organic creation of nature, I adapt in order to create the wings as nature adapts to survive and conquer their natural adversaries. In the end, the shape and size of the wings came to my satisfaction.

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