Altered Book Sculpture Artist Statement

Altered Book Sculpture Artist Statement

Sculpture: A

Michael Mendelson


The sculpture that I made represents nature and togetherness. When I walk down my street I see a bunch of different type of birds coming together and making nests. The topic is very dear to me because I love nature and I would be very upset if climate change effected what I love. Climate change has been occurring for a while now and I think if my generation doesn’t become more proactive on solving the issue then later generations will have to suffer the consequences because of us. I believe the climate change issue will be solved because media is giving it much more attention and leaders around the world are starting to cut back on emissions. I used birds in my project because I think of birds as gentle, delicate parts of our ecosystem and human beings see them everyday.

I was able to make the bird nest by using paper and images that are in the book. The sculpture took planning and problem solving techniques. But one of my ideas worked very well so I made a great plan on how to accomplish the project. I made the nest by making a dome of paper. I drilled a hole in the book to make part of the nest lay inside of the book. I put a couple pictures of birds that I found in the book and lied them inside the nest with a punch of shredded paper. I put crumpled newspaper on the remaining surface area of the book. I also attached strings to the book with birds attached and I let them hang. The materials that were used for the project is glue, scissors, paper, book, and string. IMG_2602.JPGIMG_2601.JPGIMG_2596.JPG

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