Charlie Book Sculpture

IMG_4929IMG_4930IMG_4933IMG_4934IMG_4937I decided to make a sculpture of my dog Charlie who recently passed away.  I wanted to make something to remember him. To make this sculpture I made the form of the dog out of wire. After completing the form I used tin foil to make the dog seem more real. Then I used plaster strips to hold the form together. Finally, I cut and glued paper from the book on the form to make the fur on the dog. My perspective has changed on using paper as a material because during this project I learned that you can use cutting to make the paper appear different. I think one of the hardest challenges of making this sculpture were the proportions. At first I made the head of the dog too big, but in the end, I think the proportions turned out really well. If I were to do this project differently, I would probably connect the sculpture more to the book. My sculpture is made out of material from the book, but I felt like I could have connected the book and the sculpture more.

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