Frankenstein Book, Jack Krulewitch

For this project I used a combination of three books to make my final project. I used the first book to make the ribcage and used it’s front cover. I carved a liver and a heart into the second book and also imitated intestines with a pipe cleaner. The last book was used to hold the lightbulb that would shine light through the cut outs. I used a drill make holes in the spine and then wove the three together with wire. I had some trouble working with paper because it was very fragile and ripped repeatedly. My first book was ruined because the drill I was using caught and ripped dozens of pages. I also had trouble thinking of a secondary idea after the first one failed.I think I did a good job putting the books together once I had a new idea and I think I was clever in the use of the lightbulb. If I were to do it again I would most likely try to glue the pages together so that they didn’t rip as easily when I cut through them and my work would be more similar to carving than cutting. This wasn’t my favorite project but I still felt as if I did a better job than I expected.

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