Lost at sea, Flerlage



When I began this project, I would have never thought I would create a piece the way I did. I began looking for ideas online and came across some pretty intricate pieces. I originally wanted to create a folded book piece to mimic a wheel out of a book but, ever since I watched the movie, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, book carving books has always been a goal of mine. I decided to make oval shapes the slowly got smaller and smaller to create sort of a whirlpool effect. The original exacto knife I used was not sharp at all, so this made it difficult for me to carve multiple pages at a time. But as I went on and experimented with different tips, I found ways to make it easier. After finishing my circles, I decided to make a paper ship so that the ship almost looks trapped in a hurricane or storm. I used different gluing methods for my ship including glue sticks, elmers glue and tape. Though I did have some struggles, this was a project that allowed me to be creative and use different skills than before. I did like working with paper and seeing the obstacles that come with it as well.

Artist statement:

As I began to put together my piece, I feel that I accomplished something that allowed me to be creative and to learn to be intricate and work hard. I chose to create a piece that resembles a hurricane with a ship lost at sea which is where the name originates. While creating the ship I had some difficulty but in the end I feel that my piece was put together. I want the viewer to interpret the meaning when looking at it because it was more of a creative piece than anything for me. I do feel though that the piece can sort of have different meanings, one being an outcast in society or a lost person in general. Throughout this project I learned to be dedicated to my work then it was difficult and to be diligent and effective in class. Though we didn’t have the most time in class I feel like I accomplished work that I was proud of.


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