Catching Fire – Charles Bryant

In this piece, I experimented with a heated instrument that let me burn designs into a book. My main task was the front cover which took up the majority of the time spent on the project. I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of fire being uncontrollable and resembling chaos with geometric shapes. I got to show this through the randomness and seemingly spreading of the shapes yet the lines are straight and have definitive ends. The reason for the enlarged amount of time was because the lines were drawn free-hand. I had no guidance in it and that is the reason for lines being thicker than others in areas. I love using the heated pen and the book as a medium , especially the cover because of the ability to design. Plain paper burns too easily and is too thin to burn individually or would be too time consuming. I had always seen fire as a powerful element in the way it could harm, engulf, and sometimes make objects seemingly disappear. I was hoping to demonstrate these qualities with the giant whole burned through the book and the first page of the book almost engulfed by flames except for the words “Catching Fire.” I also designed the back cover but did not have the time to make another intricate piece. If I was able to spend more time on the book, I would have done a similar design on the back cover but in reverse with the condensed part on the top left. Also, I would have hoped to have done actual designs within the book using multiple pages to create a medium easier to work with. All in all, I was satisfied with my work and glad to work with such an interesting element.IMG_1108.JPGIMG_1120.JPGIMG_1134.JPGIMG_1115.JPGIMG_1113.JPG

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