100 Bottles, 100 Stories

The 100 project was my favorite project all semester. It really let me express true problems about prescription medication. “In the US alone, 15 million abuse prescription medication.52 million Americans over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs non-medically in their lifetime.” This is a huge problem people aren’t aware of. Most drug addictions start from medical prescription. The negative result of using theses drugs can lead to addiction and possible death. I really wanted to create a project that reflected on the problem. I always knew I wanted to use pill bottles because it expresses the message that each bottle has a different story weather It was abuse of drugs or recovering from a surgery. 100 different stories but all involve prescription medication. This project really connected with me because my sister had just got out of the hospital because she had surgery on her jaw. Her jaw has been a recurring problem since she was born. She was born with an overbite, which starts her story. Since she was born she had been in pain till her resent surgery. When she was in fourth grade she had her first set of braces and those lasted till junior year of high school. Then she had her first surgery to remove her overbite. We thought that this would be the end. But it wasn’t. It was just the end of the chapter. She had to get her braces on again. Then the next 5 years would living hell for her. Then she finally got her final surgery, hoping the will be the end.

IMG_5039.JPGIMG_5040.JPGIMG_5038.JPGIMG_5037.JPGWhen creating this project the hardest thing was trying to get the circle the size I wanted it to be and trying to collect the bottles. The first thing I did was to get enough bottle to create the size circle I wanted. Then I laid them out (I use all the same size bottles for the first layer) and once I got the shape I glued them together with hot glue. Then I stacked different size bottles on top and glued them to each other.

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