Leaders by Stephanie Thams

It took me a long time to think of what I wanted to do. At first I was going to create a piece with old records but I went online, trying to find inspiration. And I found a book with large holes acting as caves with young boys looking down into the cave. I picked this because the night before I had watched the Dead Poets Society. In the movie, the boys bring back the “dead poets society” which is held in a cave. I love the message the movie sends that you shouldn’t be a follower but rather a leader. And be a unique individual, do the things that others are too afraid to do. And when everyone takes the right path take the left path. I really want to get this message across in my sculpture. They are in the cave and they are exploring the unknown. In the same way the dead poets society did in the movie.

When creating the sculpture it was more difficult than I thought I would have been. Every time I went smaller in size it was more difficult because the pages would get caught in each other and the blade. Also when trying to line up the ovals it would become off-center. If I could change one thing about my project it would be trying to make the circles lined up with each other.IMG_6035.JPG.jpegIMG_6034.JPG.jpegIMG_6037.JPG.jpeg

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