Everybody Loves Giant Bubbles

Today was an amazing start to our school year. 140 students and their art teachers activated the space in front of the upper school for the entire day. We tried new techniques, met new students and had a great time. Why bubbles? Why not?

Galileo Galilei’s famous declaration, “Nature’s great book is written in mathematical symbols”, suggests that the key to unlocking nature’s secrets lies in the underlying science. Quantifying the geometric parameters behind nature’s patterns often provides the critical step in discovering the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their formation. Intriguingly, it might also serve as the springboard for explaining their aesthetic value.

Similarly, we might be drawn to nature’s patterns because they are a direct manifestation of the natural laws that dictate our lives. In this way, art and science become inevitably intertwined in our appreciation of nature’s forms.

And really, it’s just fun to play and imagine on the first day of a fresh school year.

Here’s our recipe. We used 12 gallons today.


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