Soap Carving Artist Statement

My goal was to create a project that emphasizes the need for humans to reduce our carbon footprint. I believe we need to be aware because it is hurting our environment and creating polluted air. To represent this I created two trees: a healthy tree, and a tree that has smoke rather than leaves. These trees also bring awareness to reducing the amount of paper we waste. Since trees are an important part of human survival and the environment, we must be aware of the pollution we are emitting into the air and the amount of paper we use. We can achieve this by doing little things such as reducing the amount of paper we print, or recycle the paper we do use. Every little thing we do to try and help the environment can create a big difference.

For this project I used about three bars of soap. I carved each tree trunk using tools to carve roots and texturize the trunks. Then I used another bar of soap to carve oval shapes, which I made to look like smoke puffs and bunches of leaves. One of the hardest parts of this project was connecting the smoke to the trunk and attaching several bunches of leaves together with wire.


My favorite part of the project was molding my hands and then peeling off the alginate.



In the end, the trees came together and their position on my hands represents the message I wanted to send. I have read and heard about the affects of hurting our environment, and I think this is an important message to convey.

IMG_7795.jpg  IMG_7792.jpg


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