Soap Project

When I was told that this project had to be sculpted around something that meant something to me, I immediately thought of a butterfly. Personally, to my family and me, a (monarch) butterfly has recently been a very powerful and important symbol in our lives because my Nana just passed, and we have started to symbolize and see her as a butterfly wherever we go. Also, having the carving in the molding of my hands, the imagery of me “releasing” the butterfly would portray me setting her free from the pain she had. Accomplishing my sketches of a butterfly in different angles on paper helped me transfer my sketches onto the soap bar. Throughout the project, I did well on planning out what everything should look like and how I wanted to manage my time. I made sure to be patient and very careful when carving and painting the wings of the butterfly. I had to make sure to slowly carve the soap so it would not break, and adding detail onto the wings was difficult because I had to make the wings symmetrical with small details. So I found it challenging and time consuming to paint both sides of the wings with such small surface area to paint. Additionally, next time I could work on placing my hands in the exact position I wanted them in when I was molding them. Connecting this project to my other classes, it is time consuming work so I had to manage my time and make sure I was keeping up with class when missing it for golf. Lastly, this project was eye opening to me because it shows how artwork can be created in different shapes and sizes when given the same tools. Everyone in class created something important to them covering different topics, but all originated from the same amount of soap and tools provided to us. IMG_0856.JPGIMG_0860.JPGIMG_0861.JPG

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