LGBTQ Rights As Seen Through Soap

42% of LGBTQ people reported that they live in unwelcoming neighborhoods. 80% of LGBTQ kids reported they feel as if society has isolated them. 6 in 10 students reported feeling unsafe at school due to their sexual orientation.

Most of the time people, teenagers in particular, feel that they have to hide who they are due to the oppression of societal norms and expectations. For my soap carving, I made two Venus symbols to represent LGBTQ rights and to bring awareness to homophobia. Being a high school student, I’m surrounded by people who are trying to find themselves, socially, academically, and sexually. With this project, I hoped to give kids an extra boost of confidence and to show them that they have a right to express themselves however they want.

While my high school and some of the world around us has become more progressive and welcoming to LGBTQ people, I feel as though gay men have been more accepted than lesbian women. Being a woman, the venus symbols are my attempt to reach out to other women and show my support to them in a world where support is sparse.

Throughout this project, I think I did a good job of staying patient whenever something broke or an idea was not achievable. In art, it’s important to improvise and continue being creative and flexible because you never know if it will go exactly as you hoped. While I loved my idea and overall piece, I think I could’ve been more creative in my soap carving idea and thought of an even better way to symbolise LGBTQ rights (Although I’m not sure what that would have consisted of). Overall, I loved being able to express my opinions about the world in an artistic and creative way, and I hope to continue doing so in the future.


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