Olafur Eliasson Presentation

Kate and Maya

Olafur Eliasson Land Art


Vaer i Vejret – 2016


Olafur Elliason’s land art is not made out of natural objects – it is made out of pre-made work that is placed in nature. This piece is a ring that is made of bronze with a hose underneath it. It pushes out water at a very high pressure which makes it come out as a mist, or fog. Because it is made of bronze, it changes color and it grows old with the garden that it is in. Although this piece of art is not entirely made from natural objects, it is made to change based on the weather and as the environment around it changes. 

This piece has a 2D, circular shape and is symmetrical. The only movement in this piece is the movement of the fog, which depends on the amount of wind that is passing through the bronze circle at a specific time. The bronze circle is one color, however that color changes as the weather wears down the material.

Three terms that describe this Land Art is simple, fragile and mystical.


4 thoughts on “Olafur Eliasson Presentation

  1. I really like the mystical feel that this piece gives off given its placement in this wooded area and the mist that comes from it. I also think it is interesting that this is actually a pre-made piece that is placed in nature, rather than a piece that is built from the nature itself. I would love to see this piece in person!


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