Cardboard King

Cameron Cozzi

Kate and I worked together throughout the process of constructing the Cardboard King. To start, we constructed the mouth and the eyes. I ended up being most proud of the eyes that Kate and I constructed given that we were able to problem-solve at multiple points during their construction, and ultimately created eyes that are both realistic and expressive (and, in my opinion, a focal point of the face). Kate and I then went on to build up and glue on features of the face to make the King’s facial structure more realistic. Kate and I created cheeks, a forehead, and a chin, added structure to the side of the face, build structures for around the nose and mouth, as well as glued on the ears, nose, and eyebrow. For me, this project was very rewarding — but it did not come without challenges. I found that the greatest challenge that Kate and I faced during the process of constructing the face was gluing on the ears at an angle that ensured that they looked as realistic as possible.



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