Wire Project Lightsaber

In this project, I created a lightsaber out of maleable aluminium wire. It took me two designs, because the first of my ideas on how to approach the project failed. I originally tried to make a number of circles in three different sizes and attach them via fasteners made out of the same wire. This failed as the fasteners couldn’t keep the circles together that were stabile without them bending the circles out of shape. I abandoned that, and made a skeleton of the hand with a few pieces of wire and secured them with a more maleable and smaller wire that acted like a stitch. This project taught me patience, even at a time when my plan had failed and I was stuck with no way forward. It also helped me learn to use an even more steady hand, because my wire was soft enough that any sudden or rough movements could ruin my project and bend my wire out of shape. In the end, I was able to create a fairly nice looking model of a lightsaber with a pretty accurate size ratio. I decided to make a miniature as opposed to a big version because I felt like it would really convey the delicacy and intricacy involved with a lightsaber, tool of the jedi knight. Albeit very difficult, this project challenged me and encouraged me to think outside the box, which helped me grow as an artist.

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