Wire Piggy Bank

Cameron Cozzi

Throughout my childhood, I had a white piggy bank with my name painted on it that sat on the dresser next to my bed. I saved all of my money inside of this piggy bank, and I was always proud to add to my savings when I received money for my birthday or Christmas. For this project, I decided to replicate this piggy bank — on a larger scale — using wire. First, I created a sketch of the piggy bank in order to envision what the shape of the piggy bank would look like as I built it.

I had never worked with wire before, so this project took some experimentation before I was able to come up with a strategy to create a solid structure out of wire. I found that twisting two pieces of wire together using the drill would create the most solid structure — so I used this strategy to shape the majority of my sculpture. I build this piggy bank in multiple parts, creating the body first using multiple rings of twisted wire (in order to create a stronger frame). I then created the nose, eyes, tail, ears, and feet of the pig and then attached them to the body structure. This process sometimes proved challenging because I wanted the sculpture to be as realistic as possible, so I had to be creative with how to create various aspects of the body of the piggy bank (such as using spirals to represent the eyes). Additionally, it was sometimes difficult to manipulate the wire to do exactly what I wanted. However, in the end, I was able to create piggy bank out of wire that is both stable as well as fairly accurate to the piggy bank from my childhood.

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