Wire Pineapple

Kate Pohl

My goal was to create a wire sculpture that represented something memorable from my childhood. I chose to create a pineapple because it was and is one of my favorite foods, but more importantly, the pineapple represents the TV show Spongebob Squarepants. My brother and I always used to watch this show together, so it also represents the strong bond my brother and I share. The pineapple is also a symbol for friendship.For this project, I used 16 pieces of thin wire. I connected all of the pieces at the base of the pineapple and then twisted them around each other to create the diamond shape of a pineapple skin. The wire reconnected at the top of the pineapple after bending them into the spikes of the pineapple. The hardest part ofcreating this pineapple was figuring out the base because that is where the whole pineapple connects, but in the end, once the pattern was complete, the wire all came together at the top.


IMG_0313 2.jpgIMG_0377IMG_0376.jpgIMG_0375.jpg


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