Wire Sculpture Project – Abby Maechling

The assignment was to create a sculpture of an object from our childhood out of wire. For my  object I decided to create a skate, an important part of my childhood. I started skating at 4 years old and have done so ever since. While the impact the sport has on my life is ever changing, it is a part of who I am. I decided to pay attention to detail in the uniquely shaped sections of the skate. I focused on creating a clear and clean shape of the blade, specifically so that it was obvious what the object was. I also spent a lot of my time manipulating the wire to create the laces of the skates. I felt like the laces were more important than the shape of the boot itself, so it was important for their structure to stand out. It was challenging to shape the wire into the idea I had for the laces because the wire was flimsy and did not look as clean. This made it difficult to identify that they were laces. I solved this problem by creating ties that tightened the wire to the outer infrastructure of the boot. My biggest problem throughout this project was time management. I should have focused on creating the structure of the boot and not letting small details bothered me. Instead, I focused on every little detail(a loose tie, an oddly shaped wire, etc.) rather than working on the bigger picture the shape I wanted. If I was to do this project again I would choose to do an object with a more natural shape, so that the small creases in the wire and measurement mistakes weren’t as noticeable on the shape, allowing me to have the opportunity to experiment with the wire.

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