Book flower



I made a flower out of the book. I split the book in half and made both sides symmetrical to each other. It is interesting because books are made from trees, a part of nature, and I turned a book back into a piece of nature, a flower. To make this project I used a pencil and a sharp knife. I outlined different shapes to be the petals and cut them out. Each petal resembled a petal from a Chrysanthemum. I believe I replicated the flower well and in a creative way. It would be cool to see what the sculpture would look like if each petal was the same shape, however I like the way I made it. If I had more time, I would color the flower to make it bright and colorful.


House of Cards

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.10.51 PM

I created a house of cards. This sculpture is in the shape of the capitol building. Just like the show House of Cards, this sculpture comments on politics. The phrase is to talk about how politics are a kind of game, and if there is one wrong move, everything could crumble. I also intentionally used red and blue cards. The viewer can interpret it however they chose, but to me, the colors represent that both major political parties are mostly separated but they have to come together to run the country. 

In order the make this sculpture, I bought 4 packs of cards (so in the end I used 208 cards). I used the reference image above, and attempted to scale the building to a much smaller size. I then stacked the cards two rows high. In order to create the base for the dome I arranger the cards in a circle, folded on top of each other. In order to construct the dome, first, I soaked the cards in hot water to make them moldable. Then, I arranged the cards on a sphere and lathered them in Yes Glue.

I had to come up with a design as I went because I had no specific instructions on how to construct the bases. Because of this, there were many times where I had to remove a card from the sculpture after I had already hot glued it down. If I could do the sculpture again, I would make sure I knew what I was doing before using the hot glue. My only complaint about the sculpture is that I wish it were more clean. This would come from less tearing of cards post hot glue.



“Knit” Hat

My first step was picking an article of clothing that was important to me. I picked a knit hat because I would describe my mom as an avid knitter. She is always knitting hats for her friends and family. I also thought that it would look very cool because yarn is very flopping and loose, which is the opposite of hard, moldable wire. To create this hat, I drew a sketch first. After, I thought it would be cool to actually knit the hat, just the way she does. I first chose thin wire in order to simulate yarn. Over the course of around two weeks, I knit the hat. When it was finished, I made a pom pom out of the same wire to put on top.

I now have a better understanding of how to use wire. I also have a better understanding of knitting. In the future, it would be cool to see a full size hat that could be worn. Or, when making a knit hat out of yarn, I could incorporate wire.

I worked hard in order to use the wire the same way one would use yarn when making a hat. I believe I did this well. However, I would probably make it bigger if I could do it again because I was anticipating making a floppy hat. Regardless, I am proud of the final product.

Normally, I do not think of knitting as creating a sculpture. So I learned to that sculpting can be any piece of art with a form. Sculptures can also be wearable art.

I faced a few challenges while completing this sculpture. It is hard to knit with wire because it is tough and molds easily, which makes it harder to move around. Because it molds easily, it becomes tight and sticks to the knitting needle. I just had to stay focused and make sure I paid attention to all of the stitches.

I worked hard in order to use the wire the same way one would use yarn when making a hat. I believe I did this well. However, I would probably make it bigger if I could do it again because I was anticipating making a floppy hat. Regardless, I am proud of the final product.



Emoji: a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication- Lily Block

During this project, I created a sculpture to represent how people in this day and age, specifically my generation, hide behind technology. Instead of saying you we truly feel, we send emojis (faces that represent emotion).

My first step was to think of an idea that represents and comments on technology. My first idea was to carve a cell phone, however, the soap was too small. I then decided to carve an emoji. I wanted to put two opposite, popular emojis on either side of the soap. I first chose the heat eyes and crying face emoji. However, I had difficulty carving the crying face because of the complexity of the emoji. So I scraped it off and carved an angry face. When I finished, in order to create the image of an emoji, I painted the faces with the colors that they are online.

The purpose of my sculpture is to spread awareness about over using technology. So I would like to be a role model and change the amount I hide behind technology. I will encourage others to make this change as well.

I believe I achieved my goal of depicting emojis. I was really patient throughout the process and I changed my project as need be. I was creative in making the project because I decided to paint the soap in order to make sure my audience is able to tell what the sculpture is. However, if I could, I would change my life casting. I’m not sure if I displays the message of hiding behind technology that I intended. In order to display my message, I could have put the emoji over my face.

Throughout this first project, I have learned a lot about sculpting. The main thing I have learned is to remain patient. With soap specifically, the sculpture is fragile. I had to be careful as to not scrape off an essential piece of the soap. Also, you have to remain optimistic and not be set in stone about a specific end goal. There were many times where I adjusted my design, and it turned out better than I had intended.

So far, a major challenge for me was remaining still in the life casting mold. This showed me that in this course, I am going to have to persevere through many obstacles, and I am excited to do so.

Overall, I am very proud of the piece I have made. It reflects a problem with technology, and specifically my generation, that I fall victim too everyday. By creating this sculpture, I am taking the first step to change.