Fates & Furies

Initially, I did not even know what I was going to do with this project. I found a book that was simplistic and that could be customized, whilst obtaining the perfect size. The title of the book is called Fates and Furies, so it only made sense to create this piece with a theme that embodied the title.

From the outside, I wanted the appearance of the book to look very normal– although it has a rough looking appearance embodying the contradictory effect of the words “fate” and “furies”.

Although I didn’t like the effect it had on the final product, I tried shaving off some of the corners of the pages. Additionally, another thing I did not like what I did was that I carved a triangle through the whole book.

The book was sectioned off so that one half was titled “Fate” and one was titled “Furies”, so as a result, I decided to carve a star into the book for the first half, and the colored it by using pastels. Then, with modgepodge, I joined most of the pages together to create a thicker, more decorative, larger overall page. After the modgepodge dried, for texture, I used metallic colored gold and silver pipe cleaners to outline the star shape. On the left side of this carving, I chose to draw a star with just pastels. I like the way it turned out because in a way, it complimented that carving.

For the ‘Furies’ portion, I made the cover look as though it were going to burst into flames, reflecting the connotation of the word. I did this using pastels.

Something I would add to this project is that I wanted to have little stars hanging from the bottom of the book. I think it would look aesthetically pleasing as well as highlight that fate can be hiding in the strangest of places; even a place with fury.

Imitation Drawing, KAMAL

For my one hundred project, I chose to work with two materials; both wire and cable ties. I had a hard time deciding what to do, since my original material was nails. Finally, I decided to recreate a doodle I made on my way to Florida in one of my notebooks.

I started by building a frame/outline out of wire. This was the most painful thing EVER. I was really impressed with how it turned out because it really resembled the doodle. I bent the little wire segments in the piece outward to create more of a three-dimensional effect. After completing the frame out of wire, I built a stand for the piece but decided I didn’t like it in the end. Having completed my frame completely, I started placing cable ties on my piece; that was my one hundred component. I strategically placed the cable ties in each section so that there would be a consecutive black-white pattern in each row.  Once I saw that the cable ties were filling up most of the space, I decided to experiment and leave a few hanging below, just straight.

Overall, I would totally work with wire again. The final product wasn’t what I expected aesthetic wise, but I still like the look. I think it’s a really cool abstract(ish) interpretation of a doodle. I would actually even hang it in my own room.


Moving Forward with Positivity


In this project, I aimed to create a dress at first, with unique and intricate design. Later on while trying to make the dress stand up on it’s own, I realized that a person, or mannequin would be the perfect kind structure to hold it up. The person in the dress is in a pose that means a lot to me, for it stands for positivity. To me, crossing your arms or hunching are symbols of vulnerability in your everyday life. Posture can effect your confidence, and I have experienced instances where it has affected me personally. As a result, I wanted to create a symbol that represented a positive mindset for myself.

Personally, the most enjoyable part for me was creating the bottom of the dress. Coincidentally, it was also the most frustrating part. Using the drill constantly had me  ready to move on to another step. Overall, this project was really enjoyable though because of my past experience with wire. I loved creating a stop motion that displayed my piece in a whole new way. I almost reminds me of a Target ad.


Consensus & Solidarity, NOOR KAMAL

In this ivory soap sculpture with a plaster hand as a showcase for it, I aimed to create a bottle of glue being treasured in one’s cupped hands. Delicately carving the soap, I successfully indented precise details that were essential to making a glue bottle look like one. Using tools designated for small designs was my favorite part of creating the sculpture, because they were almost like putting the ‘final touches’ or my own spin to the bottle. In order to create a mold of the cupped hands, I had to submerge my hands into cold, purple alginate. The plaster was poured in and hardened after a couple days. Peeling the hardened alginate off to get to my plaster hands was most-likely my least favorite part, because I hated the jelly-like feeling of the alginate. Once I put the sculpture on the plaster hands, I felt extremely satisfied; I wanted to create a sculpture that really encapsulated something involving current events, and got one! For me, this sculpture has personal meaning as well as a universal one. The glue represents solidarity and the bonds between our nation, and the hands treasuring it show how precious these bonds are. With all that is happening around the nation right now, it is almost like our nation is divided; in order to glue it back together we must demonstrate trust, love, and work against fear. We the people must redefine the idea of a nation, for one nation cannot be splintered at this crucial time. As a Muslim woman of color, I hope that our country continues to follow the path of love, and abolishes current misconceptions. I hope that we can get rid of fear, and confront it too. I hope that we can really, truly, become one.