Wire Project


IMG_8202I chose to do my wire sculpture of a scissor. As a kid, I was very crafty and made things out of paper, tape, and used scissors and markers. I would always recreate things using paper and scissors. I thought that scissors would be the best object to make out of wire. I didn’t have any huge complications with the project. I started by making two separate pieces, a handle and one of the blades as one piece and the same as the other. I really wanted this to move like a real pair of scissors, so I then connected the two pieces with a small twist of wire to try to make it flexible enough to move, and I succeeded! I made it move a little, not fully like real scissors but I am proud that I made it move. Overall I really enjoyed this project, I liked using wire although it definitely was difficult to manipulate at times.

3D Wire Project

The 3D object I am creating is the head of an elephant stuffed animal. It is meaningful to me because it was my grandparents and it was our favorite stuffed animal we used to press, making a noise. Five observations I have is that the ears are a rounded shape, it has a rounded head, the head is a bit pointy at the top which creates a more oval shape, the eyes are symmetrical on the face as well as the ears, and the snout is kind of pointy at the top compared to realistic elephants.


3-D Wire Drawing

I chose a guitar to create a wire sculpture out of. Though I do not play guitar anymore, playing it when I was younger was a large part of my childhood. I was not able to bring it into class.

Observations: strings, curvy shape of bottom, knobs at top, hole in the middle, small width.


Here is a sketch I drew in class to prepare me for the actual wire creating.


Cardboard Non-Binary King

IMG_3783cardboard 5IMG_0085img_8404img_8389IMG_3784IMG_9074img_8400IMG_3722IMG_3818IMG_3817

This project pushed out class to think of new ways to manipulate the material we were working with to get the desired texture and shape. I worked on the nose, hair, ears, and shirt for our cardboard king. Creating the shape of a 3D nose and ears was really challenging and I had to think really creatively. The hair was a simple design but a laborious task to strip the cardboard to get the desired texture. The shirt was fun to make and Maddie and I were able to get creative with the design and decorations of the shirt.

Cardboard King

For this project, I had a couple of different parts to work on. First, Maddie and I began work on the eyebrows. After some brainstorming and looking at sample images, we decided to make it a unibrow as opposed to 2 separate eyebrows. We decided to layer several smaller unibrow onto each other to give it a more 3d textured look. After that, I spent a good amount of time modeling for other parts of the King of Norway, I built a large number of box cutters. After that I began to build two wrist bands which I later added cardboard half circles as a decor on those wristbands. After that, I built the title belt with the spike studs and made it adjustable. At that point, we’d finished the project and I had to walk around for like 25 or 30 minutes in cardboard costume. A time I found success was when I was able to successfully able to glue all the half circles into place onto the wristband. One failure was the first couple times I tried to cut the unibrow. I just couldn’t get the cut to be the right thickness. It was off-kilter several times. I probably failed 5 or 6 times before I found a good template, which was truly great.

Cardboard King

In the making of this “cardboard king”, I created the unibrow, ears, and designs on the shirt. I also assisted in other tasks when necessary or not occupied with the other pieces I was making with partners. I felt a bit frustrated when the ears did not turn out as Abby and I planned, like when gluing the ears on, it did not exactly go as visioned as well as it took a while for the ears to stick to the face with the glue. On the other hand, I felt successful with the contributions I made as well as learning how to carve and “score” cardboard throughout this project.

cardboard king 2cardboard king 4cardboard 5cardboard king 3

Cardboard King

Cameron Cozzi

Kate and I worked together throughout the process of constructing the Cardboard King. To start, we constructed the mouth and the eyes. I ended up being most proud of the eyes that Kate and I constructed given that we were able to problem-solve at multiple points during their construction, and ultimately created eyes that are both realistic and expressive (and, in my opinion, a focal point of the face). Kate and I then went on to build up and glue on features of the face to make the King’s facial structure more realistic. Kate and I created cheeks, a forehead, and a chin, added structure to the side of the face, build structures for around the nose and mouth, as well as glued on the ears, nose, and eyebrow. For me, this project was very rewarding — but it did not come without challenges. I found that the greatest challenge that Kate and I faced during the process of constructing the face was gluing on the ears at an angle that ensured that they looked as realistic as possible.