Diversity is Power



I knew at the beginning when we were viewing examples that I would be creating a spiral design for the altered book sculpture project. I was not exactly sure how I would be creating the spiral but it came together after realizing that I wanted to include the message of the importance of diversity. I cut two identical books into thirds to get my materials ready for assembly and molded the stacked book parts into a spiral. I used chalk pastels to make each book represent a different skin color. Inspired by the proverb “knowledge is power”, I intended the portrayal of books with diverse skin tones to show that knowledge of diversity is power. What I would change in creating this project again…

Time and Space: Hannah Korach

IMG_3230.JPG-1.jpeg   09a9911df795902e7f26355ff7a8ecd8.jpg

For my altered book project, I tried to replicate this design of cutting and gutting out the pages of the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I wanted to use a longer and bigger book. I liked how this idea displayed an illusion using the shift in depth and the repetitive circles. I only wanted to carve through about ⅓ of the pages. I started by cutting the smaller circles towards the end of the book and made my way towards the middle of the book with the circles carved in each page getting bigger. The size changed in about increments of 25 pages and I did __ different sizes of circles – the ones towards the end of the book being the smallest and the one in the middle were the biggest. At first, carving the pages was difficult because they were on the thicker side. But then I developed more of a technique and sharpened the blade of the box cutter and was carving through about 3 pages at a time. Although somewhat time consuming and messy, I like how the pages are somewhat frayed now and how the illusion turned out overall. In hindsight, I wish I had used more pages per size and carved a greater total of pages so the design would be deeper. 

IMG_3226.JPG.jpegAnother aspect I loved and wanted to incorporate of the book in my project were the amazing sketches and drawings. With so many to choose from, I cut out good sizes and poses of the main characters/concepts – Hugo, Isabelle, automaton, and a clock. I glued them to thin cardboard to keep them sturdy and then placed them at different levels and pages like in the original design. Since clocks are a main component of the story, I used the cutout as a background. The opening page has a hand beside it, making it look as if someone is holding the little world in its hand. I then rubber-glued all the pages including the carved ones until the last page together to hold the whole design together. Finally, I added a ribbon bookmark so the reader/observer can get right to the page in which the alterations start. Otherwise, I left the rest of the book and outside in-tact. I like how, when the book is closed, you can’t tell it’s been altered until you look inside, enhancing the idea that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I loved this project and I loved this class! Thank you :). IMG_3228.JPG.jpeg

Lost at sea, Flerlage



When I began this project, I would have never thought I would create a piece the way I did. I began looking for ideas online and came across some pretty intricate pieces. I originally wanted to create a folded book piece to mimic a wheel out of a book but, ever since I watched the movie, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, book carving books has always been a goal of mine. I decided to make oval shapes the slowly got smaller and smaller to create sort of a whirlpool effect. The original exacto knife I used was not sharp at all, so this made it difficult for me to carve multiple pages at a time. But as I went on and experimented with different tips, I found ways to make it easier. After finishing my circles, I decided to make a paper ship so that the ship almost looks trapped in a hurricane or storm. I used different gluing methods for my ship including glue sticks, elmers glue and tape. Though I did have some struggles, this was a project that allowed me to be creative and use different skills than before. I did like working with paper and seeing the obstacles that come with it as well.

Artist statement:

As I began to put together my piece, I feel that I accomplished something that allowed me to be creative and to learn to be intricate and work hard. I chose to create a piece that resembles a hurricane with a ship lost at sea which is where the name originates. While creating the ship I had some difficulty but in the end I feel that my piece was put together. I want the viewer to interpret the meaning when looking at it because it was more of a creative piece than anything for me. I do feel though that the piece can sort of have different meanings, one being an outcast in society or a lost person in general. Throughout this project I learned to be dedicated to my work then it was difficult and to be diligent and effective in class. Though we didn’t have the most time in class I feel like I accomplished work that I was proud of.


Happy Memories – Emma Beier

In the summer going into sixth grade, I visited Paris and London with a group of students and teachers from all over the United States. During the time leading up to my trip, I was extremely nervous. I had never been away from home for more than one night, and, at the time, I was really shy, afraid of talking to new people. However, those two weeks away turned out to be one of the best experiences I have had so far. I met so many nice people, and the sites we visited only made the travel more exciting. After learning about our Altered Book Assignment, I went home to scour my shelves, looking for the right book. While doing so, I rediscovered an old London travel guide that I had bought in preparation for my trip. The second I saw the book, I was flooded with a rush of happy memories. Accordingly, I thought that my London guide would be perfect for this assignment, as it reminds me of so many fun times.

Although I quickly determined which book I wanted to use, I struggled to decide what I wanted to create. Initially, I thought that it would be cool to design the map of the London Tube on the cover of the guide, using scraps of the maps inside the book. However, when attempting to do so, I found that it was too challenging and would take more time than I had to give. Moving forward, I resolved to build Big Ben out of Crescent board, cover the building’s surface in pieces of London maps, and then attach it to the book’s cover. When starting this design, I found that, contrary to my last idea, this project could be completed very quickly. Accordingly, I decided to wrap the cover in maps, build Big Ben, and design Tower Bridge covered in maps on the book’s surface. To begin the project, I started by ripping maps out of the book and then cutting them into rectangles of approximately the same size. I then glued these scraps to the cover of my book, laying them either vertically or horizontally. From there, I painted the cover with Modge Podge to secure the scraps in place. Next, I found a sketch of Big Ben that divided the monument into just its sides. Additionally, I found a sketch of Tower Bridge illustrating its front side. Using these images as references, I sketched the monuments on Crescent board. This step of the project was likely the most difficult, as it was challenging to draw the pieces so that their measurements were equivalent. I then cut out my sketches using an Exacto knife and glued pieces of maps onto their surfaces. From there, I formed Big Ben and Tower Bridge, using glue to attach each of the sides to one another. Next, I covered both monuments with Modge Podge to secure the maps and their position. Lastly, I attached both monuments to the guide, fastening them with Elmer’s Glue.

In the past, when I have chosen a project, I have always stuck to my original design. However, when taking my first shot at this assignment, I saw that my first idea just was not going to work out; it was too complicated and too time-consuming. This fact made me feel uncomfortable, nervous that I would not finish the project with a suitable sculpture that I liked. I had always assumed that my first idea was my best idea and that all my others would not be sufficient. Despite my nerves, I found that my second attempt was better than my first. Accordingly, through this project I learned that it is okay to start all-over, working from a clean slate. Furthermore, I discovered that sometimes being patient, taking the project one step at a time, can help you create your best work.

Frankenstein Book, Jack Krulewitch

For this project I used a combination of three books to make my final project. I used the first book to make the ribcage and used it’s front cover. I carved a liver and a heart into the second book and also imitated intestines with a pipe cleaner. The last book was used to hold the lightbulb that would shine light through the cut outs. I used a drill make holes in the spine and then wove the three together with wire. I had some trouble working with paper because it was very fragile and ripped repeatedly. My first book was ruined because the drill I was using caught and ripped dozens of pages. I also had trouble thinking of a secondary idea after the first one failed.I think I did a good job putting the books together once I had a new idea and I think I was clever in the use of the lightbulb. If I were to do it again I would most likely try to glue the pages together so that they didn’t rip as easily when I cut through them and my work would be more similar to carving than cutting. This wasn’t my favorite project but I still felt as if I did a better job than I expected.

Altered Book Sculpture Artist Statement

Altered Book Sculpture Artist Statement

Sculpture: A

Michael Mendelson


The sculpture that I made represents nature and togetherness. When I walk down my street I see a bunch of different type of birds coming together and making nests. The topic is very dear to me because I love nature and I would be very upset if climate change effected what I love. Climate change has been occurring for a while now and I think if my generation doesn’t become more proactive on solving the issue then later generations will have to suffer the consequences because of us. I believe the climate change issue will be solved because media is giving it much more attention and leaders around the world are starting to cut back on emissions. I used birds in my project because I think of birds as gentle, delicate parts of our ecosystem and human beings see them everyday.

I was able to make the bird nest by using paper and images that are in the book. The sculpture took planning and problem solving techniques. But one of my ideas worked very well so I made a great plan on how to accomplish the project. I made the nest by making a dome of paper. I drilled a hole in the book to make part of the nest lay inside of the book. I put a couple pictures of birds that I found in the book and lied them inside the nest with a punch of shredded paper. I put crumpled newspaper on the remaining surface area of the book. I also attached strings to the book with birds attached and I let them hang. The materials that were used for the project is glue, scissors, paper, book, and string. IMG_2602.JPGIMG_2601.JPGIMG_2596.JPG

Charlie Book Sculpture

IMG_4929IMG_4930IMG_4933IMG_4934IMG_4937I decided to make a sculpture of my dog Charlie who recently passed away.  I wanted to make something to remember him. To make this sculpture I made the form of the dog out of wire. After completing the form I used tin foil to make the dog seem more real. Then I used plaster strips to hold the form together. Finally, I cut and glued paper from the book on the form to make the fur on the dog. My perspective has changed on using paper as a material because during this project I learned that you can use cutting to make the paper appear different. I think one of the hardest challenges of making this sculpture were the proportions. At first I made the head of the dog too big, but in the end, I think the proportions turned out really well. If I were to do this project differently, I would probably connect the sculpture more to the book. My sculpture is made out of material from the book, but I felt like I could have connected the book and the sculpture more.