174 Cards

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With my piece I have created a chandelier made of 174 playing cards. Using specific cuts in the cards and hot glue for reinforcement I assembled various six pointed stars that could fit together to create the egg shape seen in the final piece. As well as additional cards and wiring, the structure stands by itself in the shape and is draped over a caged light bulb with a wire that allows the structure to be suspended from the ceiling. Building the structure took many steps. First I made specific incisions in four different decks of cards so they could fit together. Next I assembled the various six pointed stars. Following this I created two larger six pointed stars consisting of seven of the smaller stars. I fit the light cage through the center of one of the starts and folded the stars over the cage to enclose it. I used wire to reinforce the shape of the structure so it would not collapse. The final step was filling in the holes in the structure with the additional cards I had left over. I felt that if I avoided cutting the cards and just glued the cards together the whole time it could have come together much cleaner and been in a more exact shape. The way it is now, there are many apparent parts where the shapes don’t exactly come together. After the piece I would like to attempt something similar in the future, but use the techniques I learned and the reforms I would like to make it better. In the end I am very proud of the piece I have created and I feel it was a large step up from my last piece and has really expanded my thoughts on the kind of pieces I can build.


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Tied Up Box

For my multiples project, I used dowel rods to create a box along with a base. To bring everything together, I used hot glue and string. I wanted to create something that was somewhat versatile. With this sculpture, it can be used as a box, or decoration- it’s even portable.

In the beginnings of the project, I hard a difficult time figuring out what to do to begin. I looked at toothpicks in the beginning, but with the guidance of Ms. Kerrigan, I switched to dowel rods. In order to make the dowel rods short, I used a saw to cut it all up, which took a long while. I wish I could have found a more efficient way to divide up the dowel rods so I could have had more time in class to assemble the sculpture. After using the saw, I assembled the sculpture using linen string and a hot glue gun. I tied the string around the dowel rods and glued it so it would stay in place. To add more detail to the sculpture, in the front, I wanted to assemble the dowel rods to create triangles and other shapes. I wanted to add more elements to the sculpture. Because I had more dowel rods to used, I created a base for the sculpture. I crossed the dowel rods, and tied pairs to hold up the sculpture. Thus, I created my sculpture.

In the end, I wish that I was neater in creating my project, and I also wish that I could’ve made it sturdier. I think that it wasn’t very strong because I originally intended to make the sculpture more of a basket, so when I made it more of a box, that affected my work. I also would have been more efficient had I planned more effectively. In the end, I had to improvise a bit and figure out what to do at that moment. Although, I am happy with the way it came out. I am glad that this was how I finished sculpture this semester.

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